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Adachin ~
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Welcome to My Dream
I'm Adachi Osamu, and I'm an actor. I like to read manga and spend time with my friends.

August 2006
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Adachin ~ [userpic]

Now I see.

Dreaming makes me feel: crushedcrushed
Adachin ~ [userpic]

I live! Sorry for disappearing like that, but I... Well... *shrugs* I live anyway. Yeah...

Dreaming makes me feel: blahblah
Adachin ~ [userpic]

Well, I haven't updated in a while, but... Yeah. Things are going... slow? I still feel pretty weird, but I think I'm ready to meet the world and all. Maybe.

Dreaming makes me feel: coldcold
Adachin ~ [userpic]

I've been... weird today. Really weird. Things have been... I don't know.
I don't feel very well, I think I'll just go and lay down for a bit. :(
Don't think I'll be around much for a little while, have to take care of myself, and sort some things out. Sorry, you guys...

Fumi? Love you.

Dreaming makes me feel: numbnumb
Adachin ~ [userpic]

Missed the party at Kimeru's... I wish I did go, it sounds like it was fun... But whatever. I got to work some more on my essay of death at least. Dear school? Don't give assingments over the summer holiday, please. Thanks. T_T

Dreaming makes me feel: blahblah
Adachin ~ [userpic]

Would this be considered a collective living of sorts? I mean, everyone seem to know everything about everyone, and peoples lovelife is hung out like yesterday's laundry. I don't mind it, really, but it takes some getting used to, I suppose...

Didn't move much today. Far too sore... :O

Dreaming makes me feel: soresore
Adachin ~ [userpic]

I... have a boyfriend. How did that happen?!

Hirofumi... Uhm... Wow. Don't know what to say... ♥

The Dreamscape: My room
Dreaming makes me feel: lovedloved
Dancing around to: Madonna - Die Another Day
Adachin ~ [userpic]

One word:

Strawberry flavored marshmallows.

Okay, so that's three words. But whatever.
I ran 2 kilometers today. (Not much but I got short of breath far too fast. >_>) So I thought I'd treat myself a little something.


O_o And is it just me or are you guys seriously flirting with each other?


Dreaming makes me feel: draineddrained
Adachin ~ [userpic]

Hello! This is my first time commenting in this sparkly new journal, good nee~~? I like it.
I spent some time tweaking it so it looks uh, very... I don't know. Pinkish. But a dark (almost) manly pink, I hope. Or something. Well, whatever...
I just recently moved here, to the Haremhood (what kind of name is that??!!) and I'm settling in. I've been out running today, gotta keep up with my exercise... :x Yes. And now I'm going to try and hunt down some food. Maybe.
Laters! ~♥

Dreaming makes me feel: awakeawake
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